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Supt. Dr. Hiel visits with 279Online staff and students

Supt. Dr. Hiel visits with 279Online staff and students

Superintendent Dr. Kim Hiel visited with 279Online staff and students before spring break. When she arrived, she was greeted by Ollie the Otter, the 279Online mascot, who showed her around.  

Dr. Hiel, 279Online staff and Ollie the Otter posing

While there, Dr. Hiel sat down with 279Online staff members to talk about what the year has looked like and what they need to be successful. The leadership team ran through a breakdown of their students and how they have been working to serve them. They showed Dr. Hiel a recent video they made, starring Ollie, to show students the process of MCA testing.

Staff looking at a screen

Dr. Hiel went into virtual elementary, middle and high school classrooms, observing and talking with students about what they like about online school. She watched the lessons to see how students engage and interact during online learning. 

Dr. Hiel talked with students about what would improve their school experience and what they needed to continue to be successful. A sixth grade classroom suggested chicken nuggets and milkshakes delivered to them at home in a service called 279Dash. 

Dr. Hiel also sat down with 279Online junior Re’son Adkins to talk about what a superintendent's job is, what challenges she faces as superintendent, what the best part of her job is and what she does in her free time.

Dr. Hiel and a student smiling at the camera

“My goal is to make sure we follow through on what our scholars need, we make sure our staff are getting what they want and we make sure we are doing positive things for the community so that people are proud to attend our school district,” Dr. Hiel shared. “As a superintendent, my goal is to create the best place to learn for students and the best place to work for staff.”