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Congratulations to the class of 2023!

Congratulations to the class of 2023!

Osseo Area Learning Center

"Find that thing that makes you fulfilled, and then use that to help other people," staff speaker Zac Bair encouraged Osseo Area Learning Center's graduates at their June 2 commencement ceremony. "Use empathy, altruism, selflessness, be curious and challenge yourself. It's your turn to use these skills to help other people. Because you've got them, and you always did."

Osseo Education Center

Congratulations to the Osseo Education Center graduates! Thirty-one scholars met their graduation plans, achieved their IEP goals and required transition activities throughout this last school year. 

"The staff at OEC are very proud of the graduates who worked hard coming out of the COVID years to get back out into the community to paid job and volunteer sites," said Patrick Clymer, Student Services Coordinator. "They have put in one to three years beyond their traditional high school to hone their independent, functional and employability skills to prepare to live their best post-secondary lives."


Adult Basic Education

Congratulations to the Adult Basic Education class of 2023! Twenty-eight graduates received their GED or Adult Diploma.

"Never lose your thirst for knowledge, for it is through that that we create a world that is better for future generations," Superintendent McIntyre told the graduates.


Congratulations to the 279Online class of 2023! Fifty-nine students received their diploma this morning in the second-ever 279Online graduation commencement. 

"Get bold, stay passionate and go set the world on fire," staff speaker Stephanie Windfeldt told the graduates.

Watch the 2023 279Online graduation ceremony. 

Park Center Senior High School

Meet the Park Center Senior High class of 2023! Congratulations to these scholars on this accomplishment! 

"Remember this moment right here and be proud of all you have accomplished," Krystal Lee, Senior Class Cabinet President and student speaker, told her peers.

Watch the 2023 PCSH graduation ceremony. 

Osseo Senior High School

The Osseo Senior High School class of 2023 has officially graduated! This class received over $14.5 million in scholarships, the most awarded to a senior class in the history of OSH!

"Treat every day as a new learning experience," student speaker Maggie Albers said. "Don't be afraid of failure."

Watch the 2023 OSH graduation ceremony. 

Maple Grove Senior High School

Congratulations to the Maple Grove Senior High School class of 2023! These scholars completed 1,183 Advanced Placement exams this year in 20 different subject areas! 

"We continue to rise and overcome because positive growth often comes from adverse changes," student speaker Temple Landry said.

Watch the 2023 MGSH graduation ceremony.