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American Indian Education hosts Drum and Dance

American Indian Education hosts Drum and Dance

Community members gathered at Fair Oaks Elementary School on Jan. 25 for Osseo Area Schools American Indian Education’s Drum and Dance night. The Drum and Dance nights are held 13 Wednesdays from October through April. 

Families with members of all ages gathered to listen to and participate in the drum and dance circle. The newcomers and younger children learned about the drum, powwow protocols, etiquette and the various dance styles. While the drums were played, adults demonstrated the various dance styles, with the children joining in and following their lead. 

At some of the Drum and Dance nights, the American Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC) meets to help ensure the school district is meeting the unique and cultural-related academic needs of American Indian students. They meet to discuss school programs developed by American Indian Education staff, approve application of all state and federal grants for the development and maintenance of such programs, provide input on Indian Education curriculum and programs, and evaluate progress in meeting the goals they set.

Interested in joining American Indian Education for a Drum and Dance night? The next event will be held at Fair Oaks Elementary School on Feb. 8 from 5:30-7 p.m. Additionally, make sure to save the date for the annual powwow, which will be held April 29 at Osseo Middle School. Learn more on the American Indian Education website and Facebook page.