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Innovation, creativity, opportunity.

At 279Online, learning experiences go beyond the traditional in-person school experience to amplify scholar voice, broaden perspectives and leverage local and global partnerships so that scholars dive deeper into their education.

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279Online staff

Personalized Learning, Maximized.

We take remote online learning to new levels with a combination of live instruction and independent work, a strong curriculum, and highly qualified staff that allow scholars to maximize their learning in meaningful ways. 

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Online Learning. Lasting Connections.

Classes at 279Online take place virtually with support from dedicated staff who build caring relationships every day, and scholars are still connected to our local community through electives, athletic and activity opportunities.

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Personalized Learning for Every Scholar.

279Online offers a K-12 education tailored to your child with the benefits of being a part of District 279.

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Learn Your Way.

For some scholars, online learning is just better. If your child’s lifestyle or learning style and needs are best suited to an online environment, 279Online is where they will flourish.

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Why Choose 279Online?

Find your path beyond a traditional classroom at 279Online, where students seeking an alternative learning experience thrive. 279Online is a tuition-free kindergarten through grade 12 online public school serving students throughout Minnesota. Our full-time school day extends the possibilities of online education. With personalized learning as the focus, our highly qualified teachers use live instruction, independent work and a robust curriculum to make learning the best it can be for every scholar.

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Minnesota's Educational Pathway

279Online is the pathway to unparalleled educational experiences for scholars across Minnesota. Offering a tuition-free K-12 synchronous online school, we bridge the gap between geographical distances and provide access to quality education. Join us to be a part of a transformative journey where scholars from all corners of Minnesota come together to shape their futures through wonder, curiosity and a love of learning.

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Boundless Learning, One Community

Join a thriving community of scholars who share a passion for learning beyond the traditional classroom. At 279Online, we prioritize relationships, creating a supportive network that extends beyond geographical boundaries. Our online platform becomes a virtual home where scholars find belonging, encouraging them to explore, question and grow in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

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Personalized Learning For Every Scholar

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At 279Online, we go beyond being just an online school; we are a beacon of innovation in inclusive education. We embrace diversity, creating an environment where every scholar feels valued. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every child's unique strengths are recognized, celebrated, and woven into a personalized learning experience that nurtures curiosity and a genuine love for knowledge.

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Passionate Educators, Unlimited Possibilities

Our dedicated staff at 279Online is committed to unlocking the full potential of every scholar. With individualized education at the core, our highly qualified teachers use a combination of live instruction, independent work and a strong curriculum to maximize learning.

Experience education that knows no limits, where passionate teachers pave the way for endless possibilities in the online world.

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Your Child's Day

School hours are from 8:30 a.m-3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Our schedule is designed to keep your child engaged and learning throughout the school day. Our dedicated teachers create a fun, personalized learning environment through live instruction, independent work time and engaging curriculum.

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What Our Parents Say

"The teachers are wonderful. They make personal connections and create a real community among their classes. My students are growing academically, utilizing technology, and being validated in their personhood in the comfort of our home. I am at home, but my role is basically the same as if my kids weren’t!"

Carrie Jenson, 279Online parent

ISD 279 Osseo Area Schools

Join 279Online

279Online offers K-12 students in Minnesota the opportunity to learn in the way that works best for them so that they truly shine as scholars.

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