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Innovation, creativity, opportunity.

At 279Online, learning experiences go beyond the traditional in-person school experience to amplify scholar voice, broaden perspectives and leverage local and global partnerships so that scholars dive deeper into their education.

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279Online staff

Personalized Learning, Maximized.

We take remote online learning to new levels with a combination of live instruction and independent work, a strong curriculum, and highly qualified staff that allow scholars to maximize their learning in meaningful ways. 

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279Online Advisory Challenge Winners

Online Learning. Lasting Connections.

Classes at 279Online take place virtually with support from dedicated staff who build caring relationships every day, and scholars are still connected to our local community through electives, athletic and activity opportunities.

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Personalized Learning for Every Scholar.

279Online offers a K-12 education tailored to your child with the benefits of being a part of District 279.

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279Online class of 2022 graduates

Learn Your Way.

For some scholars, online learning is just better. If your child’s lifestyle or learning style and needs are best suited to an online environment, 279Online is where they will flourish.

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279Online is a full-time online comprehensive school choice option offering transformational and responsive learning experiences for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Why choose 279Online?

Scholars and families who seek learning outside the walls of a traditional classroom can find belonging at 279Online. Our full-time academic day expands online learning for scholars in kindergarten through grade 12. With individualized education at the core, our highly qualified teachers use a combination of live instruction, independent work and a strong curriculum to maximize learning.

“Going to school” looks different for our scholars. While each scholar’s particular routine is different, all scholars have a typical schedule that is followed as part of each school day - similar to the traditional classroom.


Join Our Online Community of Scholars

Every learner - or scholar as they are known at 279Online - is entitled to experiences that accommodate their wide-ranging and personalized needs. To learn best, each scholar needs to be seen, heard and nurtured - and that can happen anywhere where there’s an intersection of passionate, inclusive teachers and eager scholars. This perfectly describes the 279Online community. We live at this intersection, where we adapt learning to the needs and desires of each scholar, using every tool and idea available to foster a sense of wonder and love of learning. 

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Our Staff

Each of our teachers has skills and training in online learning and made a choice to be part of the 279Online community. The commitment of our teachers to online learning heightens the experience for our scholars. Each of our teachers has limitless creativity and imagination and are continuously exploring different ways to shape each scholar’s learning journey. Their intuition and deep relationships with each scholar helps them to know when to push and challenge their scholars.

Interested parents for the 2022-23 school year may schedule a call with 279Online Principal Kristen Hauge or complete the form below. Complete one form for each child you plan to enroll.

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In Osseo Area Schools, our mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning. 279Online brings this to life so our scholars truly shine.

The 279Online experience is founded in the following principles: Innovation, Creativity, Opportunity, Belonging and Individuality. We invite you and scholars from across Minnesota to learn more and become part of our special online learning community, with a promise to help develop a sense of wonder and love of learning.


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What Our Parents Say

"The teachers are wonderful. They make personal connections and create a real community among their classes. My students are growing academically, utilizing technology, and being validated in their personhood in the comfort of our home. I am at home, but my role is basically the same as if my kids weren’t!"

Carrie Jenson, 279Online parent

ISD 279 Osseo Area Schools

Join 279Online

279Online offers K-12 students in Minnesota the opportunity to learn in the way that works best for them so that they truly shine as scholars. 

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